Opera Appreciation

Part of the beauty of opera is explained by the fact that it drinks from the waters of many other forms of art. In addition to its music and singing, opera includes elements of architecture, scenography, costume and lighting design, choreography, acting, poetry, and even fencing. Although these elements ultimately enrich the opera experience, they can also make it rather challenging or perhaps intimidating for new audience members.

However, by investing a little time and effort into learning more about an opera, its composer and his background, one can significantly improve his or her understanding about this complex beauty. HIGH C’s expertise in planning, coordinating, and delivering interactive workshops for companies, schools, or public institutions guarantees that your employees, students, or friends will be ready to fully enjoy their night at the opera. We will also assist you in securing group tickets to a performance in the opera house of your choice.


Our opera appreciation workshops are in-depth, but also fun, easygoing, and accessible to everybody. In addition, in order to make things easier for you, we bring our expertise directly to your office or school. Workshops typically last from 60 to 75 minutes and include:

·       Lecture on a specific opera and its composer.

·       Singer(s) and pianist who perform live highlights.

·       Q&A with lecturer and artists.

·       Piano rental.

·       Assistance with the purchasing of group tickets for a performance of a specific opera at your nearest major opera house.



La Traviata (Giuseppe Verdi)
IE Business School, Madrid, April 23, 2015
(In Spanish)