Strategic Marketing / PR

In a time when opera companies are stagnating in growth and facing strong competition from other forms of entertainment, it is necessary to find new, creative ways to present opera to a 21st century audience.

Strategic marketing is not as much about selling tickets for a given night's performance as it is about selling a brand that nurtures the growth of an audience. Like any other organization or business, opera companies have a brand that needs to be efficiently managed and properly communicated to their public. While marketing departments usually have an in-depth knowledge of their target audience, the task of creating and maintaining a powerful connection with them is both complex and challenging.

Understanding how to better communicate with an existing, and more importantly, a potential audience is vital to increasing a company’s following and boosting performance attendance. When crafting a comprehensive marketing approach that reinvents ways to connect with the audience, an external point of view can be an invaluable tool.

At High C we are passionate about attracting new people to the opera. We understand the barriers, both economical and emotional, that deter potential operagoers from attending a performance. But most importantly, we are aware of the magic of opera and the breathtaking effect it can have on each of us.

Through various creative approaches and strategic partnerships we will present opera to audiences in a fresh, unique way that paves the way to a long-lasting, meaningful connection between them and your company.