After the success of the concert series "Movie Music Live: A Tribute to John Williams", this Christmas season HIGH C MUSIC will bring to Spain an extraordinary musical event: the 35th Anniversary Celebration for ET, the Extraterrestrial, a movie which, from its premier in 1982, has endeared itself to multiple generations of fans and forms a fundamental part of the History of Film. 

The concert, devised by Steven Spielberg (director of the film) and John Williams (composer of the soundtrack), creates an unprecedented experience in Spain. The soundtrack of ET will be interpreted live by a symphonic orchestra of 80 musicians, and will be synchronized with the film.

Having composed some of the most influential melodies of the twentieth century (Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Schindler's List, Superman, etc), John Williams is one of the most important composers in history and a legend in the film industry. Throughout almost six decades, Williams has received 50 Oscar nominations (winning 5), in addition to 22 Grammys, 4 Golden Globes and 3 Emmys.  

Bruno Axel, the Spanish conductor, violinist and composer who returned to Spain after training in London, Prague and New York, will lead the Barbieri Symphony Orchestra in an unforgettable show, which also marks his long-awaited debut in the Zarzuela Theatre. 

The concert is produced by HIGH C MUSIC, in collaboration with NBC UNIVERSAL, AMBLIN ENTERTATINMENT (producer of Steven Spielberg), and FILM CONCERTS LIVE (producer of John Williams), and will be a magnificent occasion to share authentic moments with our loved ones and create cherishable memories for the future.

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John Williams (Nueva York, 1932) has the second most Oscar nominations in history with 50 (only surpassed by Walt Disney). In addition, over the course of a career spanning almost six decades, he has accumulated 22 Grammys (63 nominations), 4 Golden Globes (25 nominations) and 3 Emmys (6 nominations).

Williams is a living legend of North American music, and the ultimate grand master of Hollywood. Williams actually originally wanted to focus of performing piano, but fortunately pursued his true talents and became one of the most successful composers of all time. His success is due in part to his friendship and creative compatibility with George Lucas, who respected Williams genius and gave him free rein. 

His work in music composition and the film industry has created famous and unforgettable moments ingrained within our collective memory. Thanks to his capacity to evoke emotions and to the intelligence of the directors he worked with, we have enjoyed memorable cinematographic moments. Williams represents the excellent evolution in sound of classic Hollywood.

BRUNO AXEL (conductor of the orchestra)

Bruno Axel (Foto: ©Charly Calderón)

Bruno Axel (Foto: ©Charly Calderón)

The orchestra will be led by the Bruno Axel (Granada, 1980), a young conductor, violinist, and composer that after training for some years in United States and London, returns to Spain.

Axel obtained his higher degree in violin with the maximum grade in the Manuel Castillo Conservatory in Seville. He studied conducting of the orchestra in London, in the Blackheath Conservatory, completing his training in the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar and the Julliard School of Music in New York. He debuted as a conductor when he was 22 years old with the show Basavel in Newcastle.

From then on, he has conducted and led as a violinist a multitude of orchestras over the course of his career, working closely with grand masters such as Michael Thomas, Irving Arditti and Daniel Barenboim, in countries such as Japan, the United States, England, Germany, France, Morocco, Ecuador and Spain.

As a dance composer some notable works are Job, Tiempo Pasado, Hildegard, Upper, Seda o Música en Movimiento. As a composer for film, he debuted with the New York musical production The Puritans. Recently he compsoed the score to the film Números, which was first shown in the Seville film festival and received the best soundtrack award.

Axel founded the contemporary ensemble Sbo-zos, the electronic duo Thick, the classical quartet Metrópoli and the orchestra En Petit Comité, encompassing musical genres that span from the Baroque to the present day. Currently, he is working on his first symphonic record as a composer, violinist and director, while simultaneously continuing his concert work.

Dirigir este concierto es un privilegio sólo comparable con haber podido dirigir música de Mozart cuando éste vivía. La capacidad que tiene Williams para conmover y cambiar el color de la música es única, y no veo el momento de dirigir la que es, en mi opinión, su obra maestra. Me emocionará especialmente dirigir la escena en que las bicicletas comienzan a volar, pues de pequeño jugaba con mis amigos a intentar que nuestras bicis volasen... lamentablemente con poco éxito. Es una película que ocupa un lugar muy especial en mis recuerdos, y creo que también en los de mucha gente de varias generaciones.



The Barbieri Symphony Orchestra came to be from the hand of a group of young musicians with enterprising spirits that saw the necessity to modernize the concept of classical music in our country, converting it into a more attractive activity for the public by collaborating with other artistic disciplines. It has developed into an orchestra of great quality, attracting a musicians from the best Spanish orchestras.


Located on la calle Jovellanos, nº 4, in Madrid, next to the Congress of the Deputies, the Zarzuela Theatre was inaugurated on October 10, 1856, with the objective of having a dedicated space for the performance of zarzuelas in the capital of Spain. 

In 1984, because of the lack of a opera theater in Madrid, it amplified its activity offerings to opera, dance, and flamenco. From and onward 2016, under the new direction of Daniel Bianco, the Zarzuela Theater is carrying out a series of initiatives in order to appeal to a new audience. 


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