The centennial celebration of the most important Catalan composer of the 20th century was celebrated through a series of concerts, masterclasses, expositions, and the presentation of a new biography. The exhibition traveled in Barcelona, Girona, and Madrid, Spain before making its way to New York in November and December of 2012. It focused on three key elements in order to provide a rounded view of his life and work.

The half-violin

  • His first musical instrument symbolized his musical upbringing, which was encouraged by an open-minded and receptive family, eager to take in the major cultural influences of the day.

His seat

  • His favorite seat in the Palau de la Música was also his post of observation. This was the place from which, as a critic, he listened to hundreds of concerts that no doubt exerted an influence on his career as a composer.

The piano

  • This was his instrument of choice, whether composing vocal, chamber, or orchestral works.

The documentary presented during the celebration of Montsalvatge's centennial also focused on those three key symbols. Filmed in New York, Madrid, Barcelona, and Paris, the documentary takes you through a journey to understand the man behind the music. (Documentary clip available is in spanish.)

Directed by: 
Jesús Alvira


Produced by:
Mármara Comunicació
Televisió de Catalunya
Televisión Española. 

The Concert
Xavier Montsalvatge: A Celebration in Music and Dance

Israel Lozano Tenor and Artistic Director

Israel Lozano
Tenor and Artistic Director

Ignacio Prego Pianist and Music Director

Ignacio Prego
Pianist and Music Director

María Martínez, Violoncellist

María Martínez,

Nélida Tirado Dancer and Choreographer

Nélida Tirado
Dancer and Choreographer

Interpreted by The Musical Ensemble Suite Hispania

In this musical celebration and tribute to Montsalvatge, a series of his works were performed at the Repertorio Español in New York City. The show starred tenor Israel Lozano, pianist Ignacio Prego, violoncellist María Martínez, and dancer Nélida Tirado. Selections included were Evocación, Pastor Hacia el Puerto, Meus Irmans, and more. 

Sponsored by:
Spanish Government
Catalan Government
Instituto Ramon Llull